JMI provides new and exciting materials for adding character and color by jewelry artists who work with metal clays and sterling silver. Our materials are usable on fine silver clay, sterling silver, bronze clay, and copper clay articles. We specialize in colorful accents including 24k yellow gold, silver, 18k rose gold, 18k purple gold, 11k blue gold, and a wide variety of colored minerals and cubic zirconia. Our newest item is Accent Rose Gold™. Please check out our products!

Our Products

Accent Gold for Silver™Artist: Andi Callahan    
Photo courtesy of
Lapidary Journal

Accent Gold for Silver™ – Accent your jewelry settings with 24K gold! Accent Gold for Silver™, or AGS, is 24K gold powder + dry medium that the artist mixes with water and glycerin to create a paste that is applied to both fine and sterling silver jewelry. After firing, the setting is polished by burnishing or tumbling to create a beautiful, lustrous pure gold finish. Complete instructions for use are provided on our website.

Accent Silver

Accent Silver™Accent Silver™ contains silver powder and other components and is used to apply silver accents to bronze and copper jewelry. It is mixed into a slip with water, applied to already-fired jewelry articles, air dried and then fired at a low temperature to create rich silver layers that can be polished or finished as desired. Complete instructions for use are provided on our website.

Accent Rose GoldArtist: Holly Gage       

Accent Rose Gold™Accent Rose Gold™ forms a rich-looking 18k rose gold layer when applied as a water-base slip to silver jewelry, and then fired in carbon. Complete instructions are available on this product page.

Accent Purple GoldArtist: Hattie Sanderson 
Photo courtesy of
Art Jewelry Magazine

Accent Purple Gold™ – This is a most unusual material with which to add vibrant purple color to your settings. Accent Purple Gold™ is a solid 18K gold alloy that is royal purple in color. It is attached as reflective flakes to jewelry settings either with powdered glass enamel that fires at a relatively low temperature, or with resins that cure at room temperature, to give a drusy look. Complete instructions for attachment are provided on our website. (Photo courtesy of Art Jewelry Magazine, September 2005. Artist: Hattie Sanderson)

Accent Blue Gold

Accent Blue Gold™ – This novel material provides a means for adding a beautiful soft blue hue to your jewelry. Accent Blue Gold™ is solid 11K gold with a pale blue color. It is attached as sparkling flakes with room temperature resins to create a novel drusy appearance, similar to Accent Purple Gold. Complete instructions for attachment are provided on our website.

Mineral Accents Display

Mineral AccentsMineral Accents are offered by JMI as yet another means for adding color and unusual effects to jewelry settings. They are made from natural minerals such as rainbow hematite, specular hematite, and apatite, and also from cubic zirconia of various colors. They are sold as particles for attaching to jewelry in champleve’ fashion to provide a reflective, custom drusy appearance. Complete instructions for attachment are provided on our website.

Clay-Bond Plus

Clay-Bond Plus™Clay-Bond Plus™ is a silver-containing solder used to join fine silver, sterling silver, bronze, copper, and brass articles. No torch or soldering iron is required. It works well in joining articles made from BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™, Argentium™, and other metal clay alloys to each other. It is a powder that is mixed into a paste with water and then applied to the surfaces to be joined. After firing it forms a strong metallic joint suitable for all jewelry-related applications.