Accent Gold For Silver™


Accent Gold for Silver™

As featured in the July 2004 issue of Lapidary Journal, and reviewed in Art Jewelry magazine (January 2005) and Lapidary Journal (February 2005)

AGS Package Contents
Accent Gold for Silver™
AGS Package Contents
Sunspot Pendant
(Courtesy of B. Palley, New Mexico Clay)

The ability to apply pure gold to silver jewelry enables the artist to add depth and elegance to an already fine piece. It is possible to apply 24K gold accents easily to fine silver jewelry with Accent Gold for Silver™, as described in the instructional article “Painting with Pure Gold” in Lapidary Journal (July 2004). Accent Gold for Silver™ is applied as a semi-liquid paste consisting of 24K gold powder mixed with a water and glycerin medium. It is applied to a silver clay or sterling silver jewelry setting and allowed to dry, and then the setting is fired to bond the gold to the setting. (Refer to instructions on the website for details.) It can be applied to fine silver clay green ware and co-fired with the silver clay, thereby eliminating the need to fire the silver clay green ware first. Because it is semi-liquid, it can be applied easily with a brush or spatula, and textured surfaces pose no problem. The cleanliness of the silver piece, extremely small size of the gold particles, and high firing temperature all ensure excellent adhesion (which is a proven feature of this product) of the 24K gold to fine silver. Because Accent Gold for Silver™ is mixed with a water and glycerin medium, so it does not release noxious odors or fumes during the firing process.

Applying Accent Gold for Silver™ to Sterling Silver

Accent Gold for Silver™ can be applied to sterling silver after it has been depletion gilded. Alternatively, it can be applied to non-depletion gilded sterling silver if the coated pieced is fired under carbon. See instructions on the website for methods for depletion gilding and torch firing.

AGS Tumbling Earrings
Tumbling Hearts Earrings
AGS on Sterling Silver
(Jewelry and photo by M. Rein. Used with permission.)

Accent Gold for Silver™ is offered in one gram bottles together with a bottle of medium and detailed instructions for its use. This product has found widespread application among a steadily expanding group of artists who design and craft silver jewelry.