About Us

Jewelry Material Innovations, Inc. (JMI) is a company that provides jewelry artists with innovative and unusual materials for enhancing the beauty and appeal of jewelry. Specifically, JMI develops ways to use metals, minerals, and natural and created gemstones as accents and enhancements to jewelry settings to provide color and variety of style. The predecessor company to JMI was Gold Nugget Innovations, which developed and introduced Accent Gold for Silver™ in 2003 (Ref. 1). Because of its steadily expanding product line, the company name was changed to Jewelry Material Innovations, Inc. in 2005, when it was incorporated. The business is incorporated in New Mexico and operates in Arizona.

About Our Products

Products that have been added to JMI’s line since the introduction of Accent Gold for Silver™ include Accent Silver™, Accent Rose Gold™, Accent Purple Gold™ (Ref. 2), Accent Blue Gold™, Clay Bond Plus™, and Mineral Accents. Mineral Accents consist of colored cubic zirconia (CZ), corundum, both specular and rainbow hematite, apatite, and SiChrome™ (which is an exclusive offering by JMI). Research and development continue at JMI’s Gilbert, Arizona location to develop ways to use both new and existing materials for adding enhancements to jewelry settings. JMI welcomes questions and suggestions from individuals interested in exploring how to use minerals and metals in innovative ways to enhance the beauty and appeal of jewelry.

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2) Sanderson, Hattie, “Empress Ring,” Art Jewelry Magazine, September 2005, p. 38.